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Nachos with Chili

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It's a new football season, and there are so many questions to be answered:

Will Mayfield Bake in Tampa?

What exactly is the qb sitch in Arizona?

Will Joe Burrow earn that huge paycheck?

Will Vegas basically implode after hosting a Super Bowl?

Whilst seeing these stories unfold, in the immortal words of Freak Nasty...

"Just put a little dip with it

Now roll these hips with it"

It's all dips, all of the time. Ok, most of the time, if we are home.

Let's football! Let's eat!

***2022 Update***

We are now living in the land of the Red Sea, home of the Arizona Cardinals. I find this amusing as we are literally in the middle of a desert. Card Guard? Monsoon Madness? Haboob Troop? I am here for you, Cardinal Nation. Let’s work on that nickname.

As with everything else in the entire world, it has been a strange few football years. I will always be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, but mostly I just love football. This season we will be making salads and bowls inspired by NFL teams.

First up I will feature Tampa Bay’s most famous salad, the 1905 from Columbia Restaurant. Feel free to peruse old season’s recipes (I love how the quality of cell phone pictures has so drastically changed!) and send me links to your game day grub.

***2015 Update***
This summer we moved to Atlanta. I am indeed ready to "Rise Up", Dirty Bird around the kitchen, and meet the challenge of cooking according to the Falcons' schedule. Send me any recipes you want me to link back to, football fans.

****2016 Update****
It's nacho problem, I'll come up with your game day eats! This season, I will be creating team-based nacho dishes. Feel free to share any nacho ideas or links to recipes that you would like me to share.

*****2017 Update*****

I may not be fully recovered from Super Bowl LI. To the delight of my husband, this season I will be focusing on regionally-based pizza recipes for your game day needs.

******2018 Update******

My husband finished residency, hurray! We are now living in a town with NO NFL team! I find myself watching the Bucs. And the Falcons. And checking in on the Raiders, my childhood team. And seeing how the Broncos are doing since 80% of my peeps live in Colorado. And so on. So, this season we will be attending various games across this great nation and highlighting stadium eats. During weeks that we are not on the NFL road, we will be ordering foods to be delivered from NFL cities. We are blowing this thing up! I will continue to share recipes and I am happy to link to yours if you feel it fits with a certain team. Hut! Hut!

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Individual Nachos

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Carne Asada


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