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Baltimore Ravens

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

I would not have done a Baltimore post had Ray Rice still been part of the team. The NFL finally woke up and suspended him indefinitely. That freed me up to enjoy some Ravens game day eats.

Up first, we made this Creamy Crab Dip with the requisite Old Bay Seasoning. I enjoyed dying this appetizer Ravens purple.

I cheated a little bit with the next item. My local grocery store offers several pre-made varieties of crab cakes, including this:

 This worked perfectly in what I like to call "The Edgar Allan Crab Cake Poe Boy Sandwich." We used the aioli that was included in the packet, and added some sweet white onions and tomatoes. Northeastern sandwich goodness. Fresh corn rounded out our meal.

One of the big reasons I love planning menus around different cities is that I usually learn or taste something new. This week, I experienced the joy known as the Lemon Twist.

It is simply a lemon with a peppermint stick. This was a hot mess to eat, but so refreshing!!!

Here are some more recipes from Maryland!

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