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Detroit Lions


We decided to try the real deal Detroit-style pizza using the Goldbelly website. I had a coupon (they want your return business, if you order from them you can count on a steady stream of $20 off coupons) and opted to try Detroit Style Pizza Company. They did not disappoint. I got three small pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, and the 'Margherita in the D', which I ordered for the name alone). All were delicious, the pepperoni was our favorite.

The square shape is intriguing, but the money maker here is the thick crust. It is crunchy and chewy and buttery and oh so good. The sauce goes in clumps on the top; I'm not sure that made a huge difference in the taste but it is an interesting angle.

From the website:

"Rather than using traditional round pans, in true Motor City fashion, the originators baked their pizza in square, blue steel automotive parts pans that allowed the outer edges of cheese to caramelize, forming a delicious golden brown cheese barrier around the perimeter of the pie."



Detroit (Rock City!...sing it with me folks!) offers an interesting array of delicious snacks. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the Detroit Lions game day, the main course was a no-brainer: Detroit Style Pizza. My husband loves the pizza like I love the sandwiches. The sauce is on the top of this square piece of Heaven, friends.

We chased that salty goodness with some Diet Vernor's ginger ale. This is my new favorite soda. Sorry, Dr. Pepper.

A sweet treat to end the meal? M & M cookies. I seize any and all opportunities to rock a hoodie and sing "Lose Yourself."

Pic courtesy of

Thanks, Motor City, for your delicious eats. Here are some more ideas for your Lions game day! Feel free to shoot me your recipe links. (Except for "Lion Stew", as per the spouse's suggestion. No thanks.)

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