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Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are far from my favorite team, but man that city is a food lover's dream.


We live in an amazing time, football friends. This week I had my first experience with Goldbelly. ( I have also seen it spelled Goldbely on Twitter, but the website has the first spelling.) Anyhow, grammar and spelling aside, this is a glorious website that allows you to order delicious foods from all across this great nation. The husband said he needed a decent cheesesteak in his life, so we opted to order from Pat's King of Steaks via Goldbelly. The ordering process was super easy. It is a bit on the pricey side - after various coupons and discounts, I paid ~$84 for 4 sandwiches.

I was constantly updated on the whereabouts of my order, and it arrived exactly when promised.

Super easy instructions and a history of Pat's were included. The sandwiches were as tasty as we imagined. The only bummer? I encountered more than one piece of gristle whilst eating, and that is a major let down at this price point.

Have you tried this website? Keep those Philly recipes and menu ideas coming!


I haven't been posting for the past few weeks, as I have been lucky enough to go to a few Falcons games. I won tickets to the Sunday game (final season at the Georgia Dome!) vs. the Green Bay Packers. Four days later we were in Tampa at Ray Jay to watch Thursday Night Football, featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dirty Birds. My new team and my old team! So, we let the stadiums do the cooking for us. We simply had to try this $20 hot dog in the Georgia Dome (surprisingly good), and a Cuban Sandwich and Nachos from Raymond James Stadium (surprisingly bad. Who serves a cold Cuban?!) Seeing John Lynch's number retired at half time made up for the terrible food.

This week, the nachos practically made themselves. As an aside, the Falcons won both games we attended, perhaps Arthur Blank should start flying us to games, because our birds lost to their birds on this football Sunday.

Philly Eagles Cheese Steak Nachos

Saute the following in olive oil:

1 diced onion

1 green pepper

2 cups of mushrooms

1/2 pound roast beef (we used Boar's Head)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Cheese Sauce

2 Tbsp flour

2 Tbsp butter

Whisk together over medium heat for one minute

Add a cup of milk, whisk

Add a cup of  shredded cheddar cheese, season with garlic salt

Serve with salsa

1 diced tomato drizzled with olive oil, mixed with cilantro and salt & pepper to taste.

These were good, I would definitely add a little jalapeno or some sort of spicy goodness if I make them again. Any suggestions for me out there?

I will forever call every Philly food "Crabby Snacks and Homemades" thanks to my pure love of the movie Silver Linings Playbook, no matter what kind of food is actually being served.



The 2015 season brought us to Atlanta. I have always said that you need to cheer for your home team.I would always be irate when I would be sitting in Ray Jay next to a Giants fan.....who lived in Tampa. My teeth would grind at a home game at The Trop that sounded like it was Yankee Stadium. So, I'm in the Dirty South. Go Birds. My first game as a fan? Monday Night Football vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. Angry Birds Fight! I modified the recipe for Philly Cheese Steak Cups ( recipe found below.) I added mushrooms & onions, and I used Beef Consomme instead of au jus. We also made the cream cheese dip from my mother-in-law (see 2014 post) because we are always on the lookout for any excuse to make that delicious goodness.

Of course, I'll still keep an eye on the Bucs.


Anything with Philadelphia Cream Cheese is A-Okay in my book. My favorite (and most simple) recipe is from my mother-in-law. Blend cream cheese with chili sauce until it becomes a nice orange hue. Serve with plain potato chips, this one is addictive.

As we are just learning to cook, we took the easy route. We sautéed deli roast beef, onions, and mushrooms and piled that goodness onto hoagie rolls covered in Cheez Whiz. We then baked it for a few, and they were delicious.

We finished the meal off with ice-cold Yuengling and Tastykake .


Here are some more ideas from the City of Brotherly Love:

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