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Dallas Cowboys

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

I am not a Cowboys fan at all. My brother Lance loved them when we were kids, so of course that means I have been cheering against them ever since. Lucky for all of us, the great state of Texas offers many bold and delicious dishes.

Texas style chili boasts big flavors and no beans. I am still learning to cook, so I love this brown bag kit with all of the spices one can imagine. Spencer browned two pounds of steak, sautéed some peppers and onions, then added a can of beer and one can of tomato paste.

For a side item, we chose to make Texas Cole Slaw. The dressing is amazing, and the jalapenos add just the right amount of kick.

I wanted to make a refreshing dessert after all of that spicy goodness. My attempt at an angel food cake with Dallas Cowboy blue Cool Whip and silver sugar sprinkles ended up being an homage to my favorite college hoops team. Or a sugary confection honoring the movie Frozen, according to my friend Tera who actually lives in Texas.


We will go ahead and call this one "Cowboy Dip." I think every American has some version of this easy, tasty appetizer. I first had it the summer that my brother Rhett lived with me, many moons ago. One can of Rotel (I like the Mexican Lime & Cilantro flavor), one small block of Velveeta ( I prefer the Queso Blanco) and whatever kind of meat you choose (chorizo, beef, ground turkey, or my crumbles. Don't tell Texas!) I top it off with a little homemade guacamole and serve it with tortilla chips.

What goes in your version??

America's team has endless possibilities for your game day needs!

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