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Pittsburgh Steelers


Yes, there really is a Pittsburgh Salad. According to research, this was created at a place called Jerry's Curb Service in the 1960s when a customer asked for a burger and fries, hold the bun.

Using regular salad ingredients (iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers) you then top it all with the meat of your choice (we used chicken strips) a little cheddar cheese, ranch, and, the kicker, crispy french fries.

I have yet to visit the Pittsburgh area, I would love to try this salad at an actual restaurant some day. Have you heard of/tried this salad?


The Steel City is responsible for a lot of great food and drinks. This makes planning a football day party involving the Pittsburgh Steelers fun and delicious!

-Served with Pita Chips and Carrots-

We chose to use turkey in this recipe. I am sure any meat would work.

There are also many wonderful Black and Yellow Desserts (let's all sing some Wiz Khalifa). This sad attempt is not one of them, as I mistakenly bought gel as opposed to frosting. Womp womp. They were tasty, and my sweet husband enjoys my rapping, so it was a success.

A new restaurant opened up in our neighborhood this past year. The fine folks at Steel City Brewhouse are bringing " a little bit of the 'Burgh to the 'Burg!" Check out my SBW review here.

Here are some more great ideas from those Terrible Towel wavers:

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