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Las Vegas (Oakland) Raiders

My very first football team love was the Oakland Raiders. When you grow up in Montana, you get to pick whatever damn team you want to cheer for, because there are obviously no local teams. So, growing up, my brother Lance loved the Cowboys, my middle bro Rhett cheered on the mighty Bengals, and youngest broseph Casey was always a Bears fan.

I had quite the difficult time coming up with recipes for Oak-Town. The Nachos were sweet and so delicious, that is all you need to know.

The Black Hole Nachos

Make these Cinnamon Crisps for your nacho base.

For the Black Hole-Make a simple fondue and add some silver sprinkles. We added some marshmallows and dipped various fruits into the Black Hole.

In the past, we struggled coming up with any ideas. Feel free to share your Oakland Raiders menu ideas with me!

A past season...California Roll, Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, and Black & Silver Sugar Cookies.

Here are a few more ideas!

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