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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Updated: Oct 21, 2023


I am kicking off this season of salad and bowl recipes with one of my all-time favorites, the 1905 Salad from the Columbia Restaurant. I have eaten this salad more times than I can count. One of the best lunches in the Tampa Bay area (and beyond) is a half of this salad and half of a Cuban Sandwich. Pair this combo with their famous Sangria, it'll make all of your lunch dreams come true. Luckily you can order the dressing and the sangria mix online, so you can have this taste of The Bay anywhere.

Here is a link to the recipe: 1905 Salad.

We also made the sangria, and it tasted like home.

Here are a few more tasty recipes for your Bucs game day menus:

Cuban Sandwich Quesadilla (I love this blog!!!)


Ho Ho Ho...we love a late season NFC South showdown, especially when it is a Monday Night Football game. The game also features Jon Gruden being inducted into the Bucs' Ring of Honor, and I am way too excited about that aspect.

Cuban Sandwich Buccaneer Pizza

This was an easy one. We took all of the ingredients typically found on a Cuban Sandwich and threw them on a pizza. It tasted like home.


Publix Brand


Olive Oil and Fresh Black Pepper


Cubed Ham

Cubed Pork

Diced Dill Pickles

Italian Blend Shredded Cheese

Bake for 20 minutes at 450 degrees.

Secondary Toppings

Dill Pickle Juice and Mayo, whisked together.

Yellow Mustard and Mayo, whisked together.



The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are nacho home team anymore, Sandwich Gal. I still love them, quite a bit, and the entire Tampa Bay area. The Atlanta Falcons played the Bucs in the season opener. I decided that a perfect homage to my former home was the following nacho recipe. It tasted just like home!

Cuban Sandwich Buccaneer Nachos

Tortilla Chips

Ham, small diced

Pork, small diced

Dill pickles, small diced

Cheese topping:

I  used a recipe for a typical French Sauce Mornay, minus the nutmeg.

Secondary topping:

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup pickle juice

1 TBSP yellow mustard

Whisk it all together, and turn yourself around.

2015 Season

All of the feels are real for this post. I never dreamed I would be cooking for a game against the Buccaneers. The adjustments to our new home here in Atlanta continue. The last time the Falcons played the Bucs we were lucky enough to attend the game at The Georgia Dome. After cheering for the Bucs for almost two decades and sincerely trying to embrace my new city's team, I pretty much clapped for every play. By both teams. Yeah, football!!

This week was also the easiest to plan, there was almost no research necessary. I often dream of the fresh seafood from The Gulf Coast. I decided to try and make my own Fish Dip. It had a little kick, but was in no way as good as the countless spreads I have shoved in my mouth up and down said Coast.

The main dish was a no-brainer. If you know me, you know I love my sandwiches. These Cuban Sliders were simple and delicious.

A slice of Key Lime Pie rounded out my taste-of-home meal.

The husband and I are homesick 6 months into residency. The schedule is no joke. This meal was cooked solo-style, and will be enjoyed re-heated late on a Sunday night when The Doc gets home. Until he gets home.....Go Falcons.

And.....Go Bucs.

Here are some more tasty treats from Tampa Bay:

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