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Tennessee Titans


My family used to make cornbread salad for the holidays. I deconstructed it and threw some Nashville Hot Chicken on the top. It was spicy and so flavorful!

The 'salad' has a cornbread base topped with the following:



Cheddar Cheese

Kidney beans

Green Pepper

Green Onion

The dressing is mayo and pickle juice. Add the dressing right before serving and mix it all together.

This was my first time trying Nashville Hot Chicken, it lived up to the hype.


We struggled a bit coming up with recipes for the Atlanta Falcons vs. Tennessee Titans game. From our research, we gleaned that the great state of Tennessee loves all things barbecue. After the requisite suggestion of "Titan Stew", my husband decided we should make a BBQ Pizza. We got the pre-made dough from Publix, then topped it with Memphis-style BBQ sauce, onions, pickles, soy crumbles, and mozzarella cheese. It was perfect.

For a side item, we made the Baked Bean Salad linked at the bottom of this page. Bush's Baked Beans originated in Tennessee. This recipe was a nightmare, aesthetically speaking, but it was surprisingly delicious.

Sweet treats were an easy call, as both the awkwardly named Goo Goo Cluster and the decidedly southern Moon Pie hail from Tennessee.

Here are some links for more tasty treats from Tennessee.

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